Acquire & Nurture Customers

Acquire & Nurture Customers

The online marketing activities adopted by a company differ according to the target customers of the company, and the length sales cycle and customer relationship.  As a result, not all available online marketing activities are suitable.  Efforts should be focused on the online marketing activities that will offer the highest returns.  Whist acquiring new customers is always a goal for companies, nurturing the relationship with the existing customer base is just as important.

Online Advertising

To acquire new customers, companies can focus on running online advertising campaigns to drive quality leads in a short amount of time.  Advertising platforms available include Google AdWords, Facebook and LinkedIn. To find out more about the online advertising options, please visit the online advertising page.  

Articles & Blogs

As online advertising comes at a price, efforts should also be put in to improve a company’s website visibility on the search engines and drive quality, free traffic.  This can be achieved by using articles and blogs to provide new and fresh content.  To find out more about Optimal Click’s article and blogging offering, please visit the articles and blogging page. 

Social Media for Business

Social media for business is also an important toolset to capitalise on the networks of existing customers and increase a company’s brand visibility.  Social media for business can also be used to share information and tips with the company’s existing customers, and provides a channel for receiving both positive and negative feedback from existing and potential customers.  To find out more about the social media for business offering, visit the social media for business page.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is useful to keep in touch with existing customers; and can be used to inform your customers of movements in the industry, provide tips on using your products or services, or promote upcoming specials or new products or services. To find out more about Optimal Click's email marketing offering, visit the email marketing page.

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