Social Media For Business

Social media sites provide businesses with an opportunity to leverage their existing customer base and attract potential customers. There are many different platforms available and not all are suitable for all businesses. One has to decide which platform suits one’s marketing strategy best. A sound social media strategy can help boost an organisation’s search engine ranking too, providing an additional benefit.


Facebook for Business

Facebook can be used to expand brand awareness, interact with clients, and share pictures and updates of new projects, new products and happenings.  Facebook can be used to address positive and negative feedback from clients.

Benefits of using Facebook for Business

  1. Brand awareness
  2. Engage with your customers and potential customers
  3. Drive web traffic
  4. Monitor trends


LinkedIn for Business

Linkedin can be used position oneself as an authority on an industry or product.  The platform can be used to target existing customers or industries; and share articles on industry trends or changes, new products or product tips.  

Benefits of using LinkedIn for Business

  • Identify the right people and markets to promote your business
  • Discover relationships between existing customers, prospects and other contacts
  • Maintain customer relationships – communicate, share interesting tips or trends, answer questions
  • Increased visibility for your organization and brand through participation in discussions
  • Increased word of mouth through recommendations and discussions
  • Picking up on trends in the industry through discussions
  • Notifications when customers link to other companies offering similar products or services


Twitter for Business

Twitter is another platform that can be used to engage with clients.  Not only does Twitter allow for conversation between a company and its clients, it can also be used for competitors and other companies in an industry to pick up signal, trends, or ideas.

Benefits of using Twitter for Business

  • Engage with your customers
  • Monitor competitors and changes in the industry
  • Manage your online reputation
  • Promote your blog
  • Brand awareness

Google Plus for Business

Google Plus is similar to LinkedIn and Facebook. Since Google Plus is part of Google, it stands to reason that increased activity and engagement on pages can help drive traffic to one’s website significantly.  

Another advantage of Google Plus is the use of circles. Customer, friends, and colleagues can be grouped into different circles. One can post a special offer only available to long-term clients by simply posting it to a VIP circle. One can create as many circles as one needs in order to refine message targeting. This is very useful for businesses with an array of offerings and audiences.

Benefits of using Google Plus for Business

  1. Higher rank on search engine results pages to your network and your network's network
  2. Circles to segregate followers
  3. Brand awareness
  4. Customer engagement


Pintrest for Business

Pintrest provides a platform for people to share pictures of interest to them through the creation of personal pin boards. Pintrest is rapidly growing in popularity and is driving vast amounts of traffic to websites containing the images of interest.  

Organisations can use Pintrest to showcase its products or applications of its products, or encourage sharing of its products by offering a Pintrest ‘Pin-it’ plugin on its website for its product images.


Optimal Click's Social Media Offering

Optimal Click online marketing strategy is highly recommended to make the most of your social media efforts. Social media management is best when handled internally however this function can be outsourced to Optimal Click.  Optimal Click provides social media setup and management services. Contact us now to enquire about social media for business.  

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