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Website Development

Optimal Click offers two website development options: SiteBuilder and a Content Management System (CMS) using Wordpress or Joomla. SiteBuilder is free and can be done with ease using prebuilt templates. A content management system has more flexibility and is suitable for interactive sites and eCommerce websites. To find out more about the website development options and which option best suits you, visit the website development page.

Domain Registration

A domain name is a component of a website address (URL) that is used to access web sites, for example: optimalClick.co.za. A domain is required to make your website visible on the Internet. To find out more about domain registration, visit the domain registration page.

Website Hosting

The second part of ensuring your website is accessible via than the Internet is a website hosting package.  Optimal Click guarantees a 99.9% uptime for your website and has a number of website hosting packages available. To view the available website hosting packages, visit the website hosting page.

Social Media Integration

Integrating your website's content with social media platforms is essential to get maximum brand exposure and make the most out of your online marketing efforts. Optimal Click offers assistance with social media integration. Visit the social media integration page to find out more on this offering.

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