Social Media Integration

Optimal Click assists with any site development required to integrate your website with the relevant social media platforms. Examples of the social media platforms are Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pintrest, Google Plus, and Google Places.

Social Media integration ensures that visitors to your website are able to easily share interesting content with others in their social network, leveraging the benefits of the expanded reach of your website visitors’ professional and social network.

Facebook & Twitter Integration

Facebook integration allows visitors to ‘Like’ various aspects of your products or services. LinkedIn integration provides visitors with the facility of sharing interesting articles or content with their professional network. Similarly, Twitter integration allows visitors to easily ‘Tweet’ articles or promotions with their followers.  

Pintrest Integration

Pintrest integration includes a ‘Pin It’ option that visitors can use to pin your products onto their own pin boards, expanding the reach of your audience.  

Google Plus Integration

Google Plus integration gives your website preference in the organic search rankings should a person ‘Plus One’ your page, as your website will be shown to the person and their network when searching for our products or services.

Google Places Integration

Google Places integration adds a location element to your website, visitors in the area find your company.  

Social Media Integration Costs

The costs of social media integration is dependent on what platforms are to be integrated and the complexity of the website design. For example, integrating social media platforms with a content management system can be very straightforward. Whereas a website coded in pure HTML can be a little bit more complicated to integrate.  Social media integration is quoted on a case-by-case basis. Contact us to enquire about the social media integration service now.

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