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Optimal Click provides website development services to assist companies create professional and user-friendly websites. Optimal Click offers two website options, a simple SiteBuilder option, and a comprehensive content management system (CMS) option that allows companies to manage the website content with ease.


SiteBuilder is a free tool provided to customers that host with Optimal Click. The simple SiteBuilder option can be used to create an informational website that is limited to 3 pages. Websites can be created in no time and with ease.

There are 40 templates to choose from for this option and customisation is limited. An example is

Optimal Click can assist with the development of the site at an additional cost.

Benefits of SiteBuilder

  • No technical expertise required
  • Quick and easy to get a website up and running
  • Minimum hosting package requirement is the Micro package at R19 per month

Content Management System (CMS)

A content management system (CMS) is a website platform that allows for the creation, publication, and editing of website content in a user-friendly manner. Maintenance of the website can also be done with ease.

Preferred content management systems are Wordpress or Joomla. Depending on the purpose of the website, the best suited content management system will be recommended.

The minimum hosting package required is the Basic package, at R99 per month, because a database is required.

Benefits of a Content Management System

  • Unlimited number of pages
  • Website content can be added and changed with ease
  • Additional website functionality can be included with little development time and cost
  • Can easily be converted into an online shop
  • Numerous templates¬†available to create an attractive website at a low cost

What Option Best Suits My Needs?

When to Choose SiteBuilder

  • Cost is an issue
  • An informational website with a maximum of three pages is sufficient

When to Choose a Content Management System

  • Functionality is a priority
  • Look and feel needs to be aligned to the brand of a company
  • Multiple contributors to a website
  • Blog
  • Online shop

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