Optimal Click's Offering

Optimal Click offers customers a 4-step approach to ensuring online marketing success:

  1. Start off with a plan
  2. Enable the online footprint to carry out the plan
  3. Implement the plan, acquire customers and nurture this relationship
  4. Monitor the progress of the online marketing initiative's implementation and respond quickly to change


Online Marketing Plan

Optimal Click assists companies to assess their online standing compared to their competitors, and put together an online marketing strategy to achieve a competitive advantage in the online space.  The online marketing strategy provides a blue print for online marketing activities to ensure the company gets the maximum amount of exposure in the online space.


Enable Online Marketing

To enable a company's online marketing efforts, Optimal Click provides domain registration and website hosting services, as well as website development and social media integration and setup assistance.


Acquire & Nurture Customers

Optimal Click helps companies to acquire new customers and nurture their relationship with existing customers through online advertising, social media, blogging, press releases, and email marketing.


Monitor Online Marketing

In order to measure the success of the online marketing efforts, Optimal Click helps companies setup monitoring facilities using Google Analytics, search engine optimisation (SEO) competitor comparison, online reputation management, Facebook Insights, and email marketing results.

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