Pay Per Click Advertising

This is our speciality. We love pay per click advertising because it is highly measurable, results are fast and optimisation can be done in the shortest amount of time in order to get the best return on your spend. Google Ads are the go to search engine for most searches done online and this platform is our main focus. We can also assist with Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter Advertising. We will advise on the best channel for your business offering.  

Increasing your organic search traffic is the ultimate goal however, pay per click campaigns are the best starting point and should form part of your online adverting strategy.

Google Ads


You have a small business and you want to get online and advertise on Google. Let us help you setup your account correctly with a well targeted campaign. Don't waste money, do it right from the beginning.


You know about Google Ads and you have either already setup and account or you want to create and run Google ads for your products and services. Let us help you redesign or setup and manage your account, create multiple Ad Groups and campaigns that highly targeted to your products or services.

Big Business

You sell a number of products or services and have multiple landing pages. You are looking to take advantage of multiple channels such as Google Display, Shopping as well as Search Ads, or you have this structure and do not know where to start. You need a dedicated resource that will make sure your campaigns are optimised at all time. We are on it!!

Facebook and LinkedIn

Facebook Advertising

This is a great channel to create brand awareness and for business' marketing image rich products or services. Facebook works well for tourism, food and beverage and activity focused industries. Targeting the correct audience with powerful ads can be tricky, let us get your account setup, and make sure you are seeing results on a monthly basis.


LinkedIn gives you the opportunity to advertise to specific industries, education level or designations of professionals. This is a great platform to promote professional services and business to business trade.